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Could This Unlock Your Muscle Growth Potential?

The contractions and overload during intense training can promote microdamage in muscle fibers, this can result in a temporary decrease in strength, and delayed onset muscle soreness.

Muscle Up with Drop Sets!

Gaining lean muscle is a continual process of effective training, nutrition and recovery. All these factors must be met in order to maximise your overall result. Resistance training stimulates the muscles into growing bigger and stronger to cope with the stress being put on them.

Sweaty gym sessions weakening your bones?

Sweat is the body’s way of keeping you cool when training hard but also means you lose important minerals like sodium, potassium and the critical bone-building mineral, calcium. New research by the Australian Institute of Sport in cyclists has shown calcium-rich foods pre-workout can help counteract the calcium lost through sweat. 1

Shane Perkins powers past his 100th career win!

Musashi Brand Ambassador and sprint cyclist Shane Perkins recently notched up his 100th win in the Japan Keirin Racing Series…. And he didn’t stop at that; he now has 102 series wins in total. Shane is one of the few selected international riders to receive an invitation to compete at the series each year.

The 6 Undisputed Heavy Weight tips for Gaining Muscle

  • Train to Gain – Gaining Muscle is your body’s response to the stimuli via resistance training. In order to maximise muscle growth limit you Daily Resistance sessions to 1 to 2 body parts, preforming 3-4 sets per exercise , selecting  a weight that challenges you to reach 8-10 reps.
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