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Our Athletes

Derek Boyer

15 years undefeated as Australia's Strongest Man

I've always believed in a balanced holistic training schedule. I have always worked on an intense six hours per week. I have found going over this leads to over training.

  • Off season: 6 x 1 hour workouts per week
  • In season: 3 x 2 hour workouts per week
  • Pre comp: 2 x 3 hour workouts per week

My pre comp workouts are so intense I can only train twice per week, whilst the rest of the week I use for active recovery measures. My two weekly workouts are three hours in duration and focus solely on the upcoming competition events. I up the intensity each week leading into the competition so that I am "Super Sonic" by the day of competition. These sessions are brutally intense and leave my nervous system completely shattered.

This has been my winning strategy. 

I am always looking for the perfect workout and training cycle with these key ingredients: 

  • Purpose (belief)
  • Intensity
  • Consistency 
Career Highlights: 
  • Undefeated Australia's Strongest Man Champion
  • 15 years competing at World’s Strongest Man Competition and Top 10 Finalist
  • 2012 World Strongest Man Masters Champion (Belfast)
  • Multi - Guinness World Record Holder
  • Australian Sumo Heavy Weight Champion 2013
  • Oceania Middle Weight Sumo Champion 2014 (Christchurch)
Essential Products: 
MUSASHI Lean WPI Protein Powder
MUSASHI BULK Muscle Creatine Stack - 585g

If I could only choose two Musashi Products to use to get super strong and massive they would be: 

  • Musashi WPI
  • Musashi Bulk Creatine Recovery Stack

I have used these two products prior to every Australia's Strongest Man Comp and every World Strongest Man Comp for the last 20 years because they work better than anything available on the market.

Four weeks prior to competition I religiously take two servings of each supplement three times a day every day until competition. My bodyweight and strength escalate dramatically to a condition I call "super sonic" which makes me competitive against the strongest men on the planet.