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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us at Musashi. For more information please review our privacy policy below.

Effective date: 22 April 2015

Vitaco Health Australia Pty Ltd (Musashi) is concerned about the privacy of consumers, our business partners and others we deal with in connection with our operations. We want you to be familiar with how we collect, use and disclose any personal information. For this reason we have adopted this Privacy Policy in compliance with the Australian Privacy Principles.

Personal Information

Musashi collects, holds and uses personal information about individuals in a variety of instances. For example, individuals may provide information when participating in promotions or competitions, in order to receive information about our products, entering business transactions, when making consumer queries and by completing subscriber forms.

The types of personal information we collect are typically:

  • your name, address, contact number(s), gender, age and email address;
  • information about your preference for goods or services we offer from time to time;
  • details of any prizes you may have won; and
  • a record of any queries you have made.

In most cases, Musashi collects information about a person directly from that person. In some instances we might also engage a third party to manage collection for us such as a party we engage to assist with our promotions. In these cases the third party will be required to keep the personal information secure and only use it to provide the requested services to us. We may also receive personal information through a person using the send to a friend feature which is explained below.

Purposes For Collecting The Information

We collect, hold, use and disclose personal information for the following purposes:

  • to contact you directly about Musashi, its brands, special offers, samples and other promotions
  • to reward you for being a loyal Musashi customer
  • to inform you of Musashi products or publications we think you might be interested in
  • to approve transactions you wish to make
  • to confirm your identity
  • to provide you with products you have requested
  • to follow up or pursue any queries you make
  • where the law allows us to do so

We will not contact you for a promotional purpose (including to tell you about rewards or products or publications we think you might be interested in) where you have asked us not to do so. At any time, you can advise us if you would prefer not to be contacted by emailing  and providing your details or by calling in Australia 1300 851 312.

Sending To A Friend

By using the send to a friend feature, you're requesting a message be sent to another person via email. Below is important information about using this send to a friend facility.

  • An email will be sent to each recipient(s) you specify.
  • The email that is sent will display that the email is from your email address and may include your name in the message area.
  • All details are held in accordance with this Privacy Policy. The information you provide in the send to a friend feature will not be held for future marketing purposes.
  • If the recipient of the message replies to the message, then the reply will go back to your email address.
  • If an address provided on the send to a friend form is invalid, or if the email cannot be delivered for other reasons, you may receive a failure notice from a remote mail system in response to the message.
  • Should the details of the send to a friend request not comply with any terms and conditions of any promotion associated with the request, the message will not be sent

How We Manage Personal Information

Musashi is dedicated to keeping personal information secure. This includes physical security, computer and network security, communications security and personnel security.

Important Information On Promotions And Competitions

Unless otherwise stated in the promotion terms, all entries submitted to our promotions become our property and are held for up to 6 months after the prize draw date. After this, they are then destroyed in a secure manner.

With your agreement, when you participate in a promotion or competition Musashi may enter your details into a database for the purpose of contacting you directly about Musashi, its brands, special offers, samples and other promotions.

At any time, you can advise us if you would prefer not to be directly contacted by emaling and providing your details or by calling in Australia 1300 851 312.

Winners' details and a description of the prizes will be entered on a database to comply with record-keeping requirements of relevant Australian State and Territory lotteries and gaming legislation. Details will also be published (ie, publicly announced) in accordance with the terms and conditions of each promotion.


Musashi does not sell or rent personal information to third parties. Musashi obtains certain services from our related companies and service providers (such as mailing houses, promotion and advertising agencies). These parties may need to access or handle personal information to provide those services. If so, the parties are required to keep the personal information secure and only use it to provide the requested services. Some of our related companies and service providers may be located outside Australia. It is impracticable to list here the countries where those third parties may be located, as third party arrangements are subject to change.

We may also disclose personal information to a government authority where this relates to our activities (eg, conduct of a promotion) or where required by law. Please also see information on promotions and competitions for details on other contemplated disclosures.

Access And Correction Of Details And Complaints

You can access personal information Musashi holds on you by contacting us as set out below. If the information held is inaccurate, incomplete or not up to date you may request Musashi to correct the information.

If you are concerned about a possible interference with your privacy or have a complaint, please contact us as set out below. We will investigate and, if necessary, try to resolve any complaint or dispute informally with you. If you are not satisfied with how we have handled a complaint or dispute, you may also be entitled to complain to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

To contact us please complete the "Contact Us" form on our website: , by sending an email to or by telephone in Australia 1300 851 312

Changes To The Privacy Policy

We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time. The amended policy will only apply to personal data previously collected to the extent the rights of individuals affected are not reduced.