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Of course eating well is key - but exercise is what takes a good body and makes it great. Exercise has a number of other health benefits, such as improving sleep, endurance and general wellbeing - you’d be crazy not to exercise!

Putting the hard work in at the gym or on the track will get you closer to your ultimate goals. Using the correct training techniques is essential to building the body you want and avoiding injury. So get it right! Our team of experts have created these programs tailored to specific training goals and levels of expertise. So whether you’re new to exercise or looking for a fresh challenge, click here to start training - it’s over to you now.

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A great body is built in both the kitchen and the gym, so don’t exercise like crazy and give yourself a free pass to indulge. Simple changes to your diet will make all the difference in achieving your goals and getting a body that is fit and strong. Our Musashi Nutritionist has prepared a helpful eating guide that specifies which foods to enjoy and which to avoid.

Don’t overcomplicate your eating. Follow our sensible nutrition guide, avoid mindless eating and indulge in the occasional treat so you don’t feel deprived—that’s all you need to do. Simply concentrate on a long term goal of eating well for life, getting the right nutrients and your body will reward you in the long run.

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Protein and BMI Calculator

It can be difficult to know how much protein, carbohydrate and calories you need each day to achieve your goals. Every person has a different protein requirement based on a variety of influencing factors and their individual lifestyle goals.

The experts at Musashi have created a science-based interactive protein and BMI calculator that will specify exactly how much protein, carbs and calories you need to consume daily to achieve your goals.

No crazy starvation diets here - just sensible, science based guidelines that are achievable but not extreme. Calculate yours now.

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